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Core Courses

At Kenilworth School, we are pleased to offer all of our students the full complement of core classes as outlined by the Alberta Provincial Curriculum.  Students work in an inclusive setting, utilizing the latest resources and technology.  Our excellent staff are committed to adapting curriculum to meet the needs of students.  For more information about the Alberta Curriculum please visit the Alberta Education Website.

All Kenilworth students have instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Health, French and Physical Education.  In addition, students take one full year option and two full year options.


Complementary Courses

artArt‌ at Kenilworth is studio based and project focused. Students conduct visual inquiry using a wide variety of media and explore art theory through personal investigation and discovery. They may use clay, plaster, tempera paint, watercolors, acrylics, ink, metal, wire, paper maché, charcoal, printing ink, etc. Students apply analytical and critical skills when responding to works of art.
constructionConstruction ‌seven students will learn how to identify and assess safety hazards, how to use power tools safely, and build simple wooden projects, which they take home upon completion. In grade eight students will learn basic framing techniques and construct doghouses. The doghouses will be sold for cost. In construction nine, students will expand on their knowledge by building storage sheds. The sheds will be sold and shipped to customers
Drama provides a fun and active opportunity to explore personal expression in a safe and supportive environment.. Students work in small and large groups through various units of orientation, movement, speech, acting, and theatre studies. Students may explore a variety of activities, such as storytelling, stage fighting, script writing, lighting design and control, mime, improvisation, clowning, puppetry, mask, and scene building.
fitnessFitness‌ provides a wide range of activities that suit the needs of both athletes who want to improve their performance and any student interested in developing fitness and wellness.  Classes are held in Kenilworth’s new fitness center, which is equipped with a universal weight center, free weights, bosu balls and stability balls. The overall goal is to develop strength, endurance, core stability and cardio respiratory fitness.
Foods‌ is an option class where students learn about the importance of making wise choices while they learn to understand recipes, safely use equipment, safely handle food and practice the importance of safe and efficient work habits. Through their experience they are provided with many opportunities to work positively with their peers while they learn about a variety of foods and practice cooking and eating delicious items.
BandInstrumental Music‌ at Kenilworth School is designed to help students develop an understanding and appreciation of music and will assist them in the techniques of reading music, and playing their chosen instrument. Students experience a variety of in class and co-curricular activities designed to reinforce their learning. All music courses will include both theoretical and performance aspects.  In grade eight band, students will further develop their instrumental, theoretical and performance music skills.
Learn to Lead‌ emphasizes student involvement in planning, managing and assessing school-wide projects. Students will be encouraged to develop citizenship, organizational and verbal skills. They will be expected to spend time on a number of school activities during the school year and will have the opportunity to peer educate and mentor Kenilworth students. Volunteer involvement and community service will be part of the course work.
outdoorOutdoor Education is an activity-based course that provides students with opportunities to engage in experiences related to outdoor pursuits and an appreciation of the environment. Course elements may include wall climbing, archery, compass use and orienteering, development of survival guides, snowshoeing, x-country skiing, fire starting, outdoor cooking, introduction to scuba, camping, hiking, rudimentary carving and crafting, and introduction to canoe and kayak.
photoPhotography‌ is an exploration of the world of digital photography, from the basics of how a digital camera works, to the fundamentals of picture taking and composition. In grade nine, students delve deeper into the creative potential of photography using camera techniques and software to achieve the best image possible and create photography that is an artistic expression.
Visual Communications‌ allows students to imagine and create! Today’s students are surrounded with images both virtual and material. This course creates images with technical tools from crayons to iPads and projects from shadow hands to movie trailers. Students increase their understanding and use of images to communicate in our increasingly visual world by engaging in making. This course is part of the visual communications program and helps to prepare students for photography in grades eight and nine.