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School Spirit

school spiritSchool Spirit and involvement are part of our core beliefs here at Kenilworth and they contribute strongly to the positive energy in the building. Students are provided with many opportunities to become involved in the day to day life and activities that take place in our building. Our school spirit is further strengthened by the involvement of students and staff in many of our recognition activities. These activities range from School Spirit Days, where all can be seen sporting Kenilworth clothing and colours, to our larger events such as student led Pep Rally's where we recognize our many achievements throughout the year.‌



Student-led Activities

Throughout the year, Grade 8 & 9 Learn to Lead students initiate, plan and implement a variety of extracurricular activities to keep the energy going all year long. From basic theme days such as Hat Day or 50's Day, to full scale events such as fashion shows and intramurals, students take the lead and make the school experience their own. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities in order to have a lot of fun and create great memories!


  • Haunted House

  • Fifties Day!

  • Learn to Lead Bulletin Board

  • Kenilworth Classic Hockey Game

  • Valentine's Day Matchmaker Survey

  • Halloween Fashion Show