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Literacy Program

The Literacy Program assists students with low average to average ability who have significant academic delays. The Literacy Program helps students make academic gains and assists them to develop important lifelong skills.

In Literacy classrooms, teachers carefully organize the learning process to ensure that lessons are clear and frequently involve visual aids and active learning. Students practice skills, first with guidance, and then on their own. Staff provide small group and individual instruction, support and ongoing feedback to guide learning. Within academic studies, students are taught work habits, personal and social skills. They use different strategies to learn, remember, co-operate, organize and cope. Student growth is tracked carefully and programming is adjusted to meet individual needs.


Behaviour and Learning Assistance Program

The Behaviour and Learning Assistance Program is appropriate for students whose severe and pervasive behaviours significantly interfere with learning at school. 

In our Behaviour and Learning Assistance Program, students are supported in smaller-sized classes by staff with significant experience in effective behaviour management. A positive, structured environment is maintained through high levels of staff support and close, consistent supervision. Our students make gains in developing positive behaviour while having engaging in curricular learning and an inclusive school community.